Why Wooden Wicks?

Aside from the pleasing aesthetics and soothing crackling sound there are a few other reasons that explain our love of wooden wicks.

  • They are all natural and produce little to no soot, smoke or carbon buildup. 
  • They burn slow to create an even melt pool which helps with scent throw and the longevity of your candle.
  • They are sustainable; all of our wooden wicks are sourced and manufactured in the USA from fsc-certified mills.

Wooden wicks are as unique as the tree they come from, and this is why we love them! This does mean that you might get a slightly different burn experience from time to time, but with that being said you should expect a playful cylindrical shaped flame that is no taller than 1.5". 

If you're having difficulties with your candle flame, reach out to us for some trouble shooting ideas, and don't forget to trim your wick.