Should you trim your candle wick?

The short answer; YES!

The slightly longer answer is also, yes but with a few reasons why.

  1. Leaving a candle wick too long can impact the flame height & create too much heat. The flame height can become too tall and unsafe, or it might burn unevenly and use up your candle faster.
  2. A large flame will melt the wax too quickly and might even cause your candle to tunnel & fizzle out.
  3. A candle is a delicately balanced machine; a candle that is burning too hot might cause that lovely fragrance to begin to smell a bit like hot fuel!
  4. Leaving a candle wick too long can allow too much fuel to be drawn into the wick; which can cause your candle to become sooty or smokey.
  5. An untrimmed wick might allow debris to fall into the melt pool. These debris could catch fire and in extreme cases cause the surface of your candle to catch fire.

Our candles arrive to you ready to burn, after the first burn we recommend a ‘pinch & a snip’ before each burn.

Gently pinch off the burned wood where it naturally breaks & using a pair of wick clippers carefully snip off the little point at the center. It should be roughly 3/4mm. Using a damp cloth dab off any wood debris on the surface before lighting.

Each of our candles require a specific flame height & strength, however if after 5 minutes the flame is taller than 1.5”, extinguish & trim again.

So if you want your candle to last as long as possible, to be safe & smell great: TRIM YOUR WICK!

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