Understanding Candle Fragrances

Top Notes

These are the fragrances you'll notice most when you first smell your candle or before lighting it, what is known as the cold throw. Their job is to intrigue and provide a gentle introduction as to what lies ahead. As your candle sits cool, these are the elevating notes that will subtly enhance your living spaces. Like all delicate things a top note is fleeting, they evaporate quickly making way for the middle and base notes.

Middle Notes

Middle Notes, also referred to as Heart Notes appear quickly after your candle has been lit. These notes are far more stable and evaporate slower to keep your attention. They gently mingle with those fleeting top notes to give your candle it's personality. 

Base Notes

Base notes come in right after the middle notes. They are powerful and invigorating and often linger well after your candle has been extinguished, this is because at a a molecular level they are much heavier than the other notes and evaporate the slowest. Base notes are what add complexity and much needed depth to your candle fragrance.